Reviews From Can You Dig It Sand Tools Customers

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Thought you might want to see what I accomplished with your excellent tools and with the tips I gained from your DVD.  Today was my third day of trying.  The first day was no so good, but yesterday and today came out pretty good, for me at least.  The one with the front walk up ramp is yesterday and the one with the missing reef rocks and winding ramp is today. I included front and back shots. No comparison to yours, but I’m having fun.  Please feel free to use any of these pictures on your site and know that your tools have my fullest approval and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to Dig It in the Sun!!



We are super fans of your sand tools and bucket system.  This is probably our third year using them on vacation and I wanted to pass along some of our masterpieces.  Thanks again for making such wonderful tools.


Mark Cohen


It’s my third year using your tools to build sand castles. They’re getting better every time. I’m 50 plus years old and never did anything like this before! I’m a city boy, I never thought I could!!!
Thanks again,
I’ll keep sending pics when I get them.
Greg from NYC


Thanks, Matt!  Your kit was great!

My 20 year old son and his friend were at the house when the box arrived last week and by the time I got home from work there was a huge beautiful sand castle in our yard.  It was a fun 4th of July activity!  Kudos!



We had a great time at the beach and they loved the Can You Dig It supplies. Thanks for the extra tools.  I left part of my set with my sister in Raleigh and am taking the rest up to Lake Erie with some other friends.    Our castles were variations of yours plus we did an alligator using your sand preparation techniques.  Lots of fun!!

Thanks, Jana


Hi Matt,  I am always digging at the beach here in Charlestown, RI.  Even when I go in my kayak, my sand sculpting tools go with me.  I always seem to attract a bunch of young kids always wanting to help me dig in the sand.  This Christmas I decided what a great gift for my “little” beach buddies (my best friends kids) — their own Can You Dig It Sand Tools.  They called me the minute they arrived to tell me how excited they were about their present.  Only 78 more days till summer I think!

Mo Russell

Charlestown, RI


Hi Matt,

I have greatly enjoyed your Can You Dig It sand sculpting tools kit as well as your participation in Sand Masters.  I started “from scratch” when I bought your kit at the beginning of last summer and followed the instructions on your DVD to recreate the CYDI castle several times.  I’ve become a rock (sand!) star in my little circle of family and friends.

John Filburn

Frederick, MD


This Was Day 2.

Tom Mccann(old) and Thomas Mccann(7)

I think this is our 4 th yr we go to Wildwood every year for a week so we play once a year.

Matt your tools make me look like i know what im doing.




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